top 11 most popular nepali actor in 2020

Here is the list of top 11 most popular nepali actor in 2020 with their bio. The ranking is best upon the user votes. Vote your favorite celebrity to move them up on number one position.

Bijay Baral


Bijay Baral is reknown nepali actor who is known for his work in commecially successful Nepali movies such as [Mr. jholey](

Laxmi Bardewa

Actor Model

Laxmi Bardewa is one of the most talented actress from nepal who has protrayed many roles in different commercially sucessful movie such as [Mr Jholey](

Pooja Sharma


Pooja Sharma is one of the most known actress from nepal, who is widely racognized from the 2016 movie **Prem Geet** directed by **Sudarshan Thapa** in opposite to actor **Pradeep Khadka**. Her commercially successful m...

Saugat Malla

Actor Producer

Saugat Malla One of the most Popular and versatile actor of nepal film industry. He is best known for his role in movie such as [LOOT](

Kedar Ghimire

Comedian Actor Script Writer

Kedar Ghimire is one of the most talented actor, comedian, script writer in Nepali Film Industry. He is also popularly known as **Magne Budo** from the hit comedy TV show Meri Bassai. ## Before Fame Kedar Ghimire had...

Aanchal Sharma

Actor Model

Aanchal Sharma is one of the most talented, beautiful nepalease actress and model, who has debut in film industray from the superhit movie **Nai Nabhannu La 4**. Later she was appeared in music videos and superhit movie...

Anjali adhikari

Actor Model

Anjali adhikari is one of the most popular model and actor who is best known for her work in music video Galbandi and Bola maya by [Prakash Saput]( ## Before...

Sedrina Sharma


Sedrina Sharma is a nepali child actor appeared in the movie [NaI nabhannu la 5]( released in 2018. She got a lot of fame and praises for her role in the blockbuster movie...

Asmi Shrestha

Actor Model Miss Nepal

Asmi Shrestha is a winner of Miss Nepal 2016 and Model. ## Education Shrestha has done a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from Ace Institute of Management, Kathmandu in 2016. ## Boyfriend She is in re...

Anubhav Regmi


Anubhav Regmi is one of the most popular, talented Nepali child actor among Nepali Film audience. He is best known for his work in the movies series **Nai Nabhannu la** in which he had debuted from movie [Nai nabhannu l...

Riyasha Dahal

Actor Model

Riyasha Dahal is an actor best known for her work in College Nepal comedy youtube video series called **AAjkal Ko Love**, she has appeared in one of the most popular comedy Nepali telefilm **Meri bassai**. ## Educatio...