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After the grand Success of "Bola Maya", proudly associating with City Express Money Transfer & Bhaka Nepal, presenting the prequel "Galbandi". Galbandi is traditional folk song which is based on the Rodhi tradition practiced in the Nepali society. Rodhi is a place to relax, specially a house in the village where the Community gather after a full day's work to sing dance and be festive. Men and women gathered at Rodhi Ghar, sit on two opposing sides, and engage in a playful battle of wit, deep into the night. || गलबन्दी Galbandi|| #PrakashSaput #ShantiShreePariyar #AnjaliAdhikari #NewLokDohori ------------------------------------------- 🎶 Audio Credits: Vocal:- Prakash Saput & Shanti Shree Pariyar Lyrics:- Prakash Saput Music:- Creation:- Shambhu Rai Re-Creation:- Prakash Saput Music Arranger / Background Score:- Krishna B.K. "Bhanja" Madal:- Kharka Budha Magar Basuri:- Ratna B.K. Audio Mixing:- Shyamswet Rasaily Recording:- Prisma Studio Audio & Video Label :- Bhaka Nepal Pvt. Ltd. ------------------------------------------- 🎬️ Video Credits:- Director:- Prakash Saput Asst. Director:- Devendra Bablu Artists:- Prakash Saput Anjali Adhikari Diplab B.K. Karbin Gaire & others Cinematographer:- Karan Chaisir Camera Asst.:- Amar Mahara Prince Humagain MUA:- Animesh Jordan Editor / Colorist:- Prabin Bhatta Motion Graphics:- Uttam Kumar Karki Publicity Design:- Pawan Simkhada Technical Adviser:- Rajendra Aryal Manager:- Sunil B.K. Amit Sun Light Management:- Shibasharan Neupane Bharat Gorkhali Jayendra Rawal Madhav Raut Post Production:- BP Films Nepal 9818494702 Shot on RED Epic DJI Phantom 4 Pro ---------------------------------------------------------- Follow me:- Facebook Web:- Twitter:- Instagram:- Subscribe me ---------------------------------------------------------- Keep Loving Nepali Music, If You Like It Don't forget to Share with Everyone. Unauthorized downloading and uploading on YouTube channel is Strictly Prohibited And will attract punitive measures from Prakash Saput. Embedding to a website is allowed. © & ℗ Prakash Saput, 2019 All Rights Reserved

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